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Existence is a unitary concept. By this, I mean there is no absence of Existence (because we wouldn’t be here thinking about it), there is no partial Existence, no inverse, and no complement. It is just there!


I would hasten to add that Existence, as described here, is the existence of all life, the universe, and everything; not just ourselves. I preclude the concept of multiple existences since if there were any connection between them then they would be, by definition, part of the same Existence, and if there weren’t any connection then we would never know about the others and to all intents and purposes they would not be there. It’s worth pondering on that for a moment since it’s not an arbitrary statement.


An issue with ‘multiple realities’, as typified in science fiction and misinterpretations of quantum theory, is that they involve an infinite number of variations of an infinite number of parameters. Infinity is discussed further under the ‘Mathematics’ section which suggests it does not model any physical notion. However, if there were any connection between the multiple realities - i.e. any way that one could influence another, or any way that the outcome of an event might have a choice between them – then they would be, by definition, part of the same Existence. In effect, Existence is not equated with the concept of ‘realities’.


We should not be tempted to say ‘Existence is there for all time’ since time is part of Existence rather than the other way around. The section on ‘Time’ tries to lift our concept of time from the “flat-Earth” dynamic view to something more geometrical. This means that we cannot ask anything about ‘creation’ since we’d be back in a temporal frame of mind. Similarly, we cannot ask ‘why?’ since that would presume a rationale which in turn would require the dynamic concept of cause-and-effect. This is also discussed further under ‘Time’.


In summary, Existence, is a concept that should make everyone’s head hurt. We cannot analyse it since we cannot frame any meaningful question about it. However, the topic on ‘Mathematics’ will suggest that it has a pivotal role in our mathematical tools.