These pages examine some important concepts in science and philosophy, and dispel some common myths surrounding them, e.g. in the subjects of Relativity, the Big Bang, and Time.


The view of the universe presented here is not the typical one, and people may find it hard to reconcile with their view of the everyday world. However, don’t be deterred if at first you don’t see it. With patience it should become both enlightening and profound.


The pages present an essentially geometrical view of the universe, including Time, yielding a more insightful description that is both simpler and more elegant. All of the topics cross-reference one another in supporting this overall view and so can be examined in any order you choose.


The Greek philosopher Parmenides is credited with some of the earliest similar views on the nature of reality. In particular, his view of Time – sometimes described as ‘block time’ or ‘eternalism’ – would find a strong parallel in this text.


The level of mathematical content is deliberately low in order to keep the material accessible. Some topics do not give in easily to detailed analysis but a sideways look can still reveal hidden clues and links that might be pursued further.


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